I have been practicing psychiatry for nearly 18 years. The past 13 years have been in Phoenix, AZ.  Prior to this I attended the University of Georgia, then The Medical College of Georgia and finished with my residency program at The William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute in Columbia, South Carolina, not far from the medical school I attended.  After working as a Psychiatrist in Georgia for a few years, I decided to make a change, having been in the same area all my life.  I decided to move west and settled in Phoenix, AZ where I have been for the past 13 years. I have had the opportunity to work in all areas of psychiatry over the years.  I've seen patients in hospital settings, worked extensively in emergency psychiatric centers and also worked in outpatient clinics, largely in the behavioral health system but also the private sector.  So I'm confident in saying my experience is comprehensive.

Recently, I decided to open my own private practice where I would just see people on an outpatient basis. The notion of working in this manner really appealed to me because I could practice psychiatry, free from all the pressures and constraints put upon a doctor in certain settings, pressures that aren't always in the patient's best interest.  In my practice,  I like to take sufficient time with someone so that a truly well tailored approach can be decided upon rather than just doing the same thing over and over again.  The biggest part of this, of course, involves listening to the patient and finding  out what is really needed.  I don't believe in mills, where the greatest number of patients can be seen and as such do not double book patients.  I also do not watch the clock and charge more if an appointment extends past five minutes more than may be expected.

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