When you assess the current quality of your life, does it become apparent that there may be the need to make improvements, improvements that satisfy certain difficulties and missed opportunities?  For example, consider the moments and extended periods of happiness, peacefulness, confidence, and gratitude you experience. Also, think of how productive you are in your life. Are you accomplishing the goals you would like to, either short term or long term? How easy is it to get through every day and get done what needs to be done?

Reflect on the type of thoughts you have most commonly.Are your thoughts often negative, discouraging, preventing you from doing what you would like to do whether it be in relationships, at work or with family? Sometimes it is a tremendous challenge to fight back against these auto-pilot type thoughts that can linger for long periods of time. When you keep saying to yourself no, over and over again, it is necessary to be a little bold and go forward anyway. Otherwise, nothing will ever change. It's important to focus on the "right now"; this should be your biggest priority. From there, start to slowly branch out and soon may come optimism and then actual goals. At that point you are out of your rut and moving forward.  Seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication may or may not be a part of all that, but it may play a big role in helping you reach your goals and improving the quality of your life.


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